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Connecting Educators, Students & Parents

BEEDU-CONNECT offers a completely FREE School Mobile app for all type of institutes to connect and communicate with students, parents, educators, staff and personals. BEEDU-CONNECT Institute Management Software provide a secure mobile app on Android platform with almost all required features on mobile to makes process handholding and faster.

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Awesome free school mobile app with BEEDU-CONNECT

The simple, free way to keep in touch with school

Save time and energy with the BEEDU-CONNECT mobile app for schools that connects you with the institute directly and avails you the information that’s important to you. BEEDU-CONNECT school mobile app is an all-in-one app which helps institutes, parents and students to get connected with simple and advance way. It is Simple, Powerful & application built to keep updated to each stakeholders of any institute.

Simple & Easy To Use

BEEDU-CONNECT mobile app is a best solution for all stakeholders to get connected with the institute with easy and simple way.

Important everyday

Updates from institute makes all stakeholders to keep the mobile app on their phone to be up-to-date with important information.

Instant Notifications

People receive notifications and important alerts instantly on their phone on each and every relevant actions from institute.

School Mobile App

Increased Efficiency

BEEDU-CONNECT help everyone to get things done faster, without being worried about maintaining data and handling physical papers.

All-In-One mobile app

BEEDU-CONNECT mobile app is Simple, Powerful & Affordable application built to resolve the challenges of connectivity with the institute.

Authorized & Reliable

BEEDU-CONNECT mobile app is an authorized app from any institute which is completely reliable and informatove for parents, students and educators

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BEEDU-CONNECT School Mobile App – Important Features

Every school is different. That’s why BEEDU-CONNECT school mobile app is such powerful to meet your requirements. BEEDU-CONNECT mobile app is designed keeping in mind everyone’s needs and requirements.Institute, teachers, parents and students are getting benefits to resolve common problems faced on a daily basis.

Reminders & Notifications

Students will receive different notifications on any action like fees receiving, library issue/return etc. Reminder system will remind you in the morning about your important things like book return is due today, Fees pending, Birthdays of classmates, events, planned tasks etc.

Analytical Dashboards

Students can summary of overall attendance, fees, performance and other activities. A complete graphical data representation of a student’s activities on dashboards like Fees payment, Attendance, Academic and non-academic performance measurement and many more.

Online leave application

Apply leave application online for past/future dates. View the history of all leave applications for this year. Track the leave application status whether It is accepted/reject/pending. Teachers can approve/reject leaves from this app only with notifications.

Attendance Trends

Students/Parents can find attendance trend analysis for all past months.Month wise trend and percentages, View overall summary of attendance. What is the current percentage of attendance. View attendance for each and every day with facility to see lecture wise attendance too.

Student Fees Details

Students/Parent can view overall fees summary (Paid/Remaining) with charts and graphs. BEEDU-CONNECT empoers them to view fees structure, Installments, Due date(Fees head wise), payment statement and Fees receipt on phone. BEEDU-CONNECT provide the feature of paying fees online too.

Academic Calendar

Shows the graphical representation of planned academic calendar for current academic session to all stakeholders. In addition, It provide you lates list of news feeds for recent academic events.

Academic Timetable

Latest class timetable on your fingure tips. Each and everyone can its own academic timetable on its phone anytime. Any changes in timetable will be notified immediately and will reflect on mobile app.

Exam Timetable & Result

Empowers students to view all planned examination and its timetable on mobile app. Receives all important alerts and notification directly on their phone. View result of all examination with graphical representation.

Advance Online Library

All stakeholders of the institute can search the availability of books in its library anytime from anywhere. Students/Parents can see their fines and due dates of book. Receives reminders and notifications on each and every transactions
BEEDU school management software system

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