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BEEDU-CONNECT College & School ERP has everything whatever you need to run your institute's day-to-day activities smoothly and efficiently.
BEEDU school management software system

Built on cutting edge technologies with easy, interactive user friendly interface


BEEDU-CONNECT College/School ERP System is enabling automation with complete insight for teachers, staff, students, parents and personals. More than 50+ modules and 200+ functionalities help to streamline day to day activities of any type of institutes.

BEEDU-CONNECT ERP is a simple but diversified system with different roles & responsibilities. It is consist of different access logins based upon different role types. Key login types based upon roles are for Administrator, Principal, Management, Teachers, Accountants, Librarians, Training & placement officer, Parent/Student and many more. Each user of BEEDU-CONNECT ERP Syetm can login and perform activities based upon the access rights configured at institute level.

What makes it a right choice for you

The advance features of BEEDU-CONNECT makes it a best choice for your institution. Find some feature highlights of BEEDU-CONNECT college management system.

Highly Configurable

Highly parameterized product which is being used by Pre-school to Large size education groups with single installation

Analytical Dashboards

Role based various Dashboards for complete data insight with Graphs & Charts. Easy & right decision making at right time

Automated Workflows

Configurable systematic Workflows and automated notifications make action faster and bring paperless work distribution

Complete Automation

Maximum operational activities can be automated with excellent TAT with better and quality productivity of all resources

Communication Channel

Robust Communication across departments to avoid process laps. Complete Transparency to Management personals with right data

Maximum Transparency

Right communication to parents at right time to avoid any grievance. Relevant data insight of their kids across academics

Comprehensive Modules

BEEDU-CONNECT is a distributed system with different roles & responsibilities. It is consist of different portals, the main portals available are Administrator, Office Admin, Principal, Management, Teachers, Accountants, Librarians, Training & placement officer, Parent/Student and many more. Each user of BEEDU-CONNECT school ERP software can login into their respective portals to avail the facilities available to them.Each portal in BEEDU-CONNECT school management software contains different modules to manage different aspects of an educational institute.

BEEDU-CONNECT School ERP Software empowers you with a set of 200+ functions grouped into 50+ modules.

Core Basic Modules

Analytical Dashboards

BEEDU-CONNECT provides out of box role based analytical dashboards which helps to provide “Right Data to Right People” for taking “Right Decision at Right Time”. These data enriched Dashboards help to identify the Issues and Support decisions making at departmental and institutional levels. These dashboards act as productivity escalators and improve efficiency in processes. Saved Manual Efforts can be spent on action to resolve the issues rather than preparing output reports.

Key features:

– Real-time output.

– Role based Dashboards.

– Easy for the End user with the flexibility of period to view expected dashboards.

– Informative, easy to understand trend charts.

– No manual efforts for data consolidation.

– Displays latest news, Events, discussions, birthdays, leave applications.

– Calendars/Tasks/Reminders.

– Complete information transparency.

– Innovative ‘Search bar’ enables to use BEEDU-CONNECT System with edge.

– Simple User interface is designed for a great & pleasant user experience.

– Easy to learn and easy to master User Interface helps users to start using the system with minimum training.


Institute Management

BEEDU-CONNECT is highly configurable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which can be configured as per the type of institute. Product is suitable from any playgroup to school to any type of college or group of institutes such as deemed university. In a single installation, operations for entire group of institutes can be managed. In a group of institutes, institutes can be of multiple types such play group, schools or various colleges, all these can configured in single setup which helps to consolidate and analyze the crucial data at group level specially accounts. Through this unique technical architecture, common physical infrastructure resources such as computer lab, auditorium etc and also common teaching staff such as common computer faculty can be best utilized with proper planning through the system. Product allows logical and infrastructure setup of institute for better utilization of resources. Infrastructure setup involves setup of no. of class rooms, various labs with their identification number, washrooms or utility areas for feedback etc Logical setup includes type of institute, sections, subjects, branches/ courses, Academic/ Session year, Semester or Degree, Creation of various valid roles, Setup of various departments, designations, periods in a day with duration, valid mandatory documents required for admission, parameters for feedback by students for teachers and by teachers for students. Key feature of BEEDU-CONNECT is data enriched online dashboards, which sourced the data from all institutes for multiple activities. This helps to presents right data at right people to take right decision at right time.

Key features:

– Configuration for the type of institute or group of institute in single installation.

– Various configurations such as number of period/ classes and their duration, academic year, various roles and designation, documents required for admission.

– Various templates creation for I-card, mark sheet, admission form etc. Infrastructure setup for better utilization of physical resources.

Student Management

Student Administration is a resourceful ‘student monitoring’ module that integrates all the details of student in an institute. This module delivers updated particulars of any student with detailed reporting and advance search options. BEEDU-CONNECT maintains entire student life-cycle right from admission to exit. Advanced user friendly interface enables Institute and parents to have easy access on student information, fee payments status, opted courses, grades and academic & extracurricular performance, any time attendance position, parent’s information, associated documents & records. User friendly, simple but integrated user interface provide multiple activities such generation of i-cards, change/ reset password, elective subject selection data entry, lab group mapping, photo upload etc. Access to past data is given to view the overall performance across various parameters for an academic year

Key features:

– Maintaining academic and personal details of the student.

– Various admin activities such as locking, change/ reset password etc.

– Uploading of photo.

– Various MIS reports are provided.

– Various analytical reports and dashboards are be generated.

– General Register provision to keep records of leaving students.

– Bulk uploads for various student attributes are provided.


Advance Student's Reports


Staff Management

BEEDU-CONNECT enables the management of employee profile such as contact details, education qualification, experience, designation, status etc. System allows to generate i-card based upon the predefined template. Admin can lock the status of the employee, reset the password, and change the photo. Profile of an employee can download in predefined format. BEEDU-CONNECT enables the better usage and productivity of associates for the utilization across institutes in a group. An employee can be attached to multiple institutes. Supervisor can define the role and responsibilities of the concerned employee.

Key features:

– Unique ID for staff members

– Identity cards management.

– Defining roles and responsibilities.


Online Enquiry Management

An online admission Enquiry and enrollment system linked to Institution website helps to collect all required information into a central hub for better coordination and decision making for the raised enquiries. BEEDU-CONNECT helps to maintain the detailed information of the enquiry such as choice of course, details for the parents and marketing channel etc. Generate various analytical reports, exhaustive but simple work flow for the life cycle of the online enquiry. Information is shared with the stake holders to nurture the prospect or logical closure. Parents can gather information from the portal and initiate a request for admission. It allows the parents and management to have close interaction and can decide suitable stream/ course. Services of mobile message integration are also available for communication with parents.

Key features:

– Effectively recording of enquiries received along with the reference details.

– Generating email.

– Various analytical reports and the dashboards are generated.

– Allocation of enquiries to the staff for follow-up.

– Track follow-ups in the system and generate follow-up reports.

Online/Offline Admission

BEEDU-CONNECT allows institute to take online admission with their official institute website. Where user fills and submit their online admission form. Institute has authority to open and close admission

Key features:

– Easy and user friendly admission form.

– Institute has full control on online admission process.

– Easy to open and close admission link on one click.

– Easy to generate applied admission report.

– Auto integrated successful submission email and sms alert.

– Easy to track status of submitted application.

-Easy to track follow up status.


Student's Fees Management

This module has features of advance fee collection, fee cancellation, pending dues/ fees reports, receipt printing and refunding etc. Highly configurable system allows to receive payments in various fee heads for easier classification and analysis. System has flexibility to set fees amount and frequency of payment at student level. Various dashboard and reports are provided for alerts and analysis based upon the fees mapping at student level. User friendly interface for the collection of fees based on student-wise, class-wise or institute-wise makes the administration work easier. This module makes swift working by reducing manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paperless management. BEEDU IMS is an excellent institute fee management solution offering flawless streaming of fee related data effortlessly for the scrutiny of authorized personnel at all times. It highlights fee defaulters, sends alerts for pending dues, maintains a comprehensive record of dues/ receipts and provides a summary of fees collected at any point of time, as well as seamless interface with the centralized financial accounting system such as Tally.

Key features:

– Maintaining various fees heads.

– Set up of fees structure and associated frequency of payment due.

– User friendly interface to collect fees and fines.

– Facility of admission cancellation and refund of fees.

– Feature of Excess Amount collection.

– Synchronization for Robust reconciliation with Centralized Financial Accounting System.

– Various reports such as Student wise Daily Fee Collection, Head Wise Fee Report, Pending Fee Report, Receipt Generation, Duplicate Fee Receipts generated.

–  Various Summary reports can also be generated Head wise Summary Report, Program/Course wise Summary Report.

– Fee register.

– Facility of sending of mail after received of fees in the system.


Time Table Management

BEEDU-CONNECT timetable management process supports institute to create an ideal timetable schedule which helps to optimize and effectively utilize the manpower & infrastructure resources of an institute. Flexible BEEDU-CONNECT timetable management module is perfectly designed to suit the dynamic needs and accessibility of human and physical resources. Timetable scheduler helps to combine common subject for different classes into one period thus optimizing the available resources. Delegation of assignment in the absence of lecturer/ teacher can be done. System enables bird eye view to the senior management regarding the time slot availability, lecturer availability etc.

Key features:

– Daily Timetable creation.

– Interfaced with physical resources for scheduling of classes, labs etc.

– Interfaced with attendance module.


Student's Attendance

Easy to use Attendance allows teacher/ faculty to take student attendance. As soon as attendance is taken by teacher/ faculty notification is sent to registered mobile of parents. Flexible configurable feature allows to take one time attendance such as school or period/ lecture wise attendance for colleges. Copy attendance facility is also provided for combined period/ lectures. Various out of box ready to use attendance reports can be generated as a part of disciplinary management. Summarized Dashboards and various trend charts are generated.

Key features:

– Capture attendance.

– Copy Attendance into other combined lecture.

– Student wise summary of attendance.

– Date and lecture wise report.

– Daily Attendance report.

– Percentage wise Attendance.

– Various Monthly reports.

– Subject topics wise reports.

– Defaulter reports.

– Complete Academic attendance.

– Top regular and Top Irregular students report.

– Download all attendance formats in Excel, pdf and word file.


Online Daily Diary

Specifically at school, online daily diary is a channel for transparent and quick communication between teacher / faculty and students / parents. From Online Daily dairy, teacher /faculty can avail option to assign homework, raise complains if any or can communicate message to students and their parents. This is a two way communication where acknowledgment of a message can be sought from either side. Intimation of any message from online Daily Diary is real time and alert will be generated. Teacher need not check physically diary of all students daily and parents need not to open the diary daily to check for any update. This will save time of teachers and parents and avoid any miss out of any critical message.

Key features:

– Teacher/ Parent can share message to each other.

– Mandatory Acknowledgment of message can be sought.

– Instant notification will be sent.

– Past exchanged dairy messages can be viewed.


Student Leave Management

It brings a comprehensive leave application workflow in an institute where student can apply leave along with the supporting documents i.e. medical/travailing proofs. Teacher/ faculty has facility to approve/ reject or forward leave application to principal/HOD too in student having short attendance or leaves applied are more than threshold no. of leaves. These are parameters are flexible and can be defined/ relaxed depending upon the requirement of Institute. This will irradiate completely the manual operations.

Key features:

– Set up of Leave structure i.e leave application “Allow Days” (define Past & future days).

– Maintain history of pat leave application and their status.

– Online mechanism of leave application with supporting documents, Approval & Rejection.

– Separate login for students for applying leave from web and App.

– Notification to Student as well as their administrative for the same.

Academic Calendar & News Feeds

BEEDU-CONNECT provides features of Academic Calendar and update on events/holidays & news update at any point of time. Once the events are added into the system, notification is sent to students and staff members for the same. Latest News can be published with the stakeholders instantaneously during the event also.

Key features:

– Display Events, Exam dates and Holidays in the calendar.

– Separate distinguish color for the different categories of the items.

– Summarized single Monthly view for all items.

– Easy navigation to specific calendar month.

– Facility of image upload related to events held.

– Students will be notified on latest updates.


Examination & Results

Examination module enables institute to define and manage examination time table along with the allocation of room for sitting arrangement. Hall Ticket generation, Result and mark sheet management functionality allows to create different types of exams based upon grades, marks etc. It includes a wide-range of processes from exam timetable scheduling to creation of progress reports. Using a broad spectrum of configurable examination protocols/ rules, this module incorporates the challenging demands of any institute regardless of magnitude or syllabi complexity with ease.

Key features:

– Various Grading.

– Managing Various Examination Types such as Internal, External, Viva, Written etc.

– Mapping of Blocks & Room for sitting arrangement in particular system generated pattern or manual sitting through the system.

– Exam Time Table Management.

– Hall Ticket Generations.

– Attendance of Exams.

– Formulas for scoring, various quota such Sports, Rules for Grace marks.

– Exam Revolution Management.

– Exam Duties Management and associated remunerations.

– Upload / Enter Subject Marks scored and consolidated Result processing.

– Marks sheet generation as institute format.

– Managing various tests “Class Test” , “Group/Subject” Test.

– Internal Assessment via Preliminary/Terminal Exams.

– Managing Assessment of Activities and Interpersonal Skills.

– Final Assessment for Progress Card.

– Various types of Report for the internal reference or Boards/ Universities.

Alert & Notifications

To keep all stakeholders anytime always updated, BEEDU-CONNECT provides Advance Messaging System. Messages are segregated based upon the category. Alerts are sent to entire institute, selective class or group of students. Alerts are manually triggered messages. Reminders are system generated automatic messages sent to right audience for the due date for any pre-configured actions. Notification are also the system generated informative messages but triggered as soon as action is manually triggered in the system such attendance, change in timetable etc. User also is aware for that to take right decision for a day. This helps institute to safe cost on sending information on SMSes.

Key features:

Alerts are sent to:-

– Entire school for any specific information such as holiday, change in school timing etc.

– Specific class or group of students for extra class etc.

Notification is sent to :-

– Students after taking attendance.

– Students after making and updating time table.

– Students after approving or rejecting the leave request.

– Students after allotting the class teacher.

– Students on issuance /re-issuance and return of library book.

– Students on the payment of fees.

– Teacher for assignment of additional task.

– Students and staff for the events.

– Teacher after approving the teaching plan by superior.

Reminders are sent to :-

– Teacher/ Faculty for period lecture.

– Students for book for due for return to library.

– Students for fees due.

– Students for fine.

– Teachers/ Faculty for time table of the day.

– Students for exam.

– Right stakeholders for the predefined activities.


Additional Modules

Alumni Management

Institutes maintain the information about their present and past students manually. This does not allow efficient data management and retrieval process. BEEDU-CONNECT support institute to organize alumni events which help connect students and staff with alumni and build strong relationships. Past students can help bright students for placements in big companies and can share latest industry trends.

Key features:

– Maintain records of students.

– Sending mails for the invitation for such events.

Circular Management

Institute need to issue various kind of circular or notice to students and employee during their association with institute. E.g: if any kind of policy has been changed due to any reason (e.g: university, after board meeting etc.) institute need to issue or broadcast the new policy to the related department, students or employee.

Key features:

– Easy to make and manage circular.

– Easy to issue circular.

– Track Generated circular history.

Teacher's Feedback Management

This functionality gives opportunity where students will be able to give feedback on various predefined parameters for their associated teacher/ faculty. BEEDU-CONNECT have provision where superior will open the time window for feedback. Superior will be able to view various consolidated reports. This will help for superior to track and analyze the teacher performance and their behavior for students.

Key features:

– Set feedback time window.

– Student feedback on various parameters such as teaching, behavior, performance etc.

– Various analytical reports.

– Graphically reports for admin and superior.

Student Feedback Management

Teacher/ faculty can give feedback of students based upon various predefined parameters. System has provision where superior can set the date and time window for feedback. Feed backs are given by various teachers/ facilities. Superior has provision to get summarized view of the teacher/ faculty feedback to student. This will help for superior to track and analysis the student performance and their behavior for various parameters.

Key features:

– Set date and time window for feedback.

– Feedback by teacher/ faculty to Student on various predefined parameters such as Learning, Behavior, performance, punctuality etc.

– Various reports for admin and superior.

Staff Attendance


Student's House Management

System gives facility to create multiple houses, assign them to students and capture house rating based upon different events throughout the academic year. It is compulsory for every student to be a member of a House. The main idea of the House System is track and manage the various training & activities. Training are provided for explore/ enhance in the qualities of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding and self-reliance. Different type of activities is organized under the House System such as dramatics, elocution, quiz, recitation, debate, group song and dance. Besides, the students are trained in community service and social work. A dashboard is provided to display current performance of all houses.

Key features:

– Create house.

– Assign students into the house.

– Manage score based upon the performance in the activities performed by each house.

Teacher's Additional Task Management

There is always a need for assign and tracking of additional teaching or Non-teaching tasks assigned for the better management and organizing of tasks. An institution can assign and track additional task assigned to an individual employee or group. This will help to promote collaborations, better way productivity measurements. BEEDU-CONNECT has provision where staff member can create such tasks in the system which can be approved and rejected by their supervisor in the system.

Key features:

– Manage additional tasks in the system.

– Approve provision after completing it.

– Commenting and status update facility available.

– Notification will be send to both while assigning and completing it.

Student's External Representation

This functionality helps to avoid communication gaps between the teachers and the officials seeking participation of students in a particular events. This is a complete workflow based process where request for such participant can be initiated and to be approved by class teacher or HOD considering various parameters such as attendance, academic performance or any exams scheduled during that period etc. Once the request is approved, system will consider attendance as present for that period.

Key features:

– Students approved by right authority only can participate.

– Avoid conflict and communication gap between the institute officials and helps for better planning of events.

– Avoid teacher/ faculty to mark attendance as absent mistake for such students.

Teacher-Subject Allocation

In addition to the feature where supervisor can allocate subjects to the teachers, there is a provision where teacher/ faculty themselves can raise a request for subject of their preference. Supervisor can approval or reject such requests.

Key features:

– Request by teacher to their superior for the selection of subject.

– Notification to the superior for teacher subject request.

– Approve or reject subject request.

Document Management

Want to manage your department related documents at secure place? BEEDU-CONNECT allows institute’s department to manage their important documents to our secure storage.

Key features:

– Easy to create and manage folder directory.

– Store and backup your department documents with highly secured place.

– Access anywhere and anytime.

– Your data stays protected at all times.

– No one can access your protected data without you.

Internal Ticketing System

Aiming at complete operational automation and smooth functioning at Institutes, BEEDU-CONNECT provides an Internal ticketing system where any authorized person can raise ticket for any support services e.g repairing of computer, Printer, issue with internet etc with IT department, Non working of any electrical equipment with Electrical Department, Cleanness related tickets with housekeeping department etc. Once the ticket is raised in the system, an alert will be sent to the associated department. System tracks the TAT for each ticket raised. Unresolved tickets with aging are shared as part of online dashboard to the senior management.

Key features:

– For early resolution of tickets.

– Helps to improve efficiency and productivity of staff.

– Online alert for the ticket raised.

– Online status tracking of the tickets raised for better services and pleasant working environment at Institute.

Online Fine Management

BEEDU-CONNECT allows any authorized institute personal to initiate fine for any student. He/ she need not to enforce the fine collection by other means, system will restrict issuance of exam hall tickets or predefined configured facilities for the students unless fine is paid. Fine can be collected by accounts department in the system. Entire process is workflow based without manual intervention.

Key features:

– Initiate fine for any student.

– Notification sent to Students/ Parents.

– Details presented in students/Parent login.

– Report listing students with unpaid fine.

Student Complaint Management

Online Complaint management module allows teachers and students to file their complain through BEEDU-CONNECT. Institute management can take action against filed complain and track the status.

Key features:

– Filed complain on one button click.

– Take and track action against filed complain.

– Manage and generate report of filed complain.

Student Discipline Management.

Student Discipline Management module helps to keep record of students behavior during their association with Institute. Institute can easily track a comprehensive set of data on student behavior in support of Negative Behavior Interventions and supports. Track disciplinary incidents, maintain related records, notify parents of infractions and produce reports. Compliant can be initiated by any authorized official of the institute. Actions can be tracked and based upon the outcome of the improvement actions taken, disciplinary action can be initiated in the system such as case can closed with warning or can lead to rusticate.

Key features:

– Various Complaints.

– Initiate complaint in the system.

– Track various actions in the system.

– Post improvement action initiate disciplinary action against in the system.

– Various reports listing students with the complaint details.

Sales/Distribution Management

BEEDU-CONNECT has comprehensive Sales Distribution management functionality where admin has facility to maintain sales items with stock and the price. Name of student and date of distribution can be recorded in the system.

Key features:

– Manage items in the system.

– Manage stock and price of the items.

– Assign Sales item to the students.

– Sales History Management.

– Generate Receipt.

– Integration with Centralized accounting system such as Tally.

Inward/Outward Management

BEEDU-CONNECT helps to manage the inward and outward letter communication. Any communication received can be recorded in the system with unique reference number. Any reply to be sent can be set in the system with name of resource who is identified for send communication, date by which communication to be sent. BEEDU-CONNECT sends reminders to designated persons for the pending communications. Product facilitates to manage a register with In and out letter nos in the system.

Key features:

– Letter/ Communication received.

– Various Status to be maintained in the system for the letter received.

– Name of the person to own action if any.

– Due date by which response to be sent.

– Reference number for the Outward/ Response letter.

– Report listing the pending responses.

Internal Committee Management

BEEDU-CONNECT facilitates the organized way of handling the various events in the institute. For any event, committees such as Prize Committee, Attendance Committee, and Admission Committee etc. are formed and key volunteers are mapped. Admin can create such events and committees in the system. Various meetings can be scheduled with the pre published agenda and post meetings, minutes can be maintained in the system.

Key features:

– Create committee.

– Assign member for committee.

– Plan Committee meetings with agenda.

– Record minutes of the meetings in the system.

– Update Events Details.

Student's Railway Concession Management

Approval of Railway Concession request is a very time consuming task for admin officials. BEEDU-CONNECT helps to completely digitize this activity. Students will initiate a new or renewal request in the system through portal or mobile app which will be approved by the admin. Once the request approved student can download the request application to be submit in railway department. Efforts of admin staff are saved specially for renewal cases.

Key features:

– Request can send by web or mobile app for new or renewal cases.

– Admin has facility to approved or reject the request.

– Download and take print for request application.

Advance Modules

Online Bus Tracking

Waiting for bus for pickup and drop of their child at their respective stop is painful for the parents. BEEDU BUS Tracking has enabled the parents to track the bus their child is travailing. BEEDU BUS tracking module is integrated with BEEDU-CONNECT so expected time and actual time at each bus stop throughout the route of the bus is displayed which makes life parents very easy. Admin department of institute can also track the bus for better planning and proactively act in case of any breakdown etc. BEEDU-CONNECT also enables Bus Tracking using the mobile phone of the Bus Driver .

Key features:

– Maintenance of bus routes.

– Mapping of buses to the routes and students to the particular bus.

– Actual Arrival timings of the associated bus at the predefined landmarks will be notified to the parents.

Live Class Management

Parents can get connected to the student’s classroom through live camera system. Institute admin user will have option to add and connect particular classroom/ area of institute to the camera. This need to be mapped to the predefined time table of students. Parents can view the activities of their children using mobile or at parent portal login.

Key features:

– Map Camera to Classroom.

– Map Classroom to the students based upon the timetable.

– Separate Parent/Student login to view live class.

Advance Library Management

Modern Library management system covering complete life cycle of circulations (issue/ renew/ return) with Dewey decimal classification and advance cataloging over standard library protocols to share information. Standard bar coding for spine labels and combined labels. Open Public Access Catalog (OPAC) facility is provided on web and mobile app. Advance fine with discount feature. Online Fetching of Book cover and details through International Standard Book number (ISBN). Complete life cycle of serial management from billing/ Subscription to delivery. Delay tracking of serials, missing delivery, with vendor management. BEEDU-CONNECT allows setup of one library mapped to multiple institutes in a group or an institute can have multiple libraries. Other configuration can be done in the system such no. of days with no fine. Based upon this fines are trigger in the system which are collected by accounts department only. Librarian can have authority for discount. Advance dashboards are provided to librarian role such Books over dues for today, Total Books checkout at any time, Total Fine Due etc.

Key features:

– Setup of Library/ or libraries in the system for an institute or multiple institutes.

– Various configurations such as No. of no fine days. Checkout duration by student or staff, Number of Renewal Limit by staff or student, Max Checkouts by staff or students, Max fine limit etc.

– Manage Book Vendor Details.

– Other Library Details i.e. Library Section Master, Library Shelve Master, Item Type Master, Subject Category Master.

– Offline Library Management.

– The librarian can issue, return and reserve book for a particular student.

– Automated levy of fine

– Student can also check the availability of a particular book online.

– Generate customized report for library items, library inventory and library fine collection etc.

Purchase & Inventory Management

BEEDU-CONNECT is designed to manage, supply and track inventories which ensures increment in productivity of the organization. Our module provides you fully integrated solution to manage store & stationery of the organization with its full efficiency. BEEDU-CONNECT ensures a smooth supply chain processing and better inventory controlling the organization. A better management of organization’s store leads to Just-In-Time (JIT) phenomenon which ensures flawless supply chain. And it is very important to follow JIT principle for any inventory management to carry out supply of goods effectively. A strong track record of in-house inventories along with supplied & damaged goods and purchased items keep organization up-to-date about its resources 24×7 with real time data updating. Inventory records also suggest items which are low on stock or running out of it.

Key features:

– Create Master i.e. Category master, Item Master, Vendor master, Warehouse Master, Configuration Master and Add Tax master.

– Inventory Management.

– Confirm Management.

– Stock Register Management.

– Dead Stock Register Management.

– Issue/Receive Register.

– Receive request for item, Approved, Reject Request , print Approve letter for request.

– Invite and Manage quotation.

– Get history of purchase.

– Stock distribution & records.

– Data of different expenses.

– Low stock notification.

– Reduces human errors.

Campus Management

BEEDU-CONNECT simplify the laborious manual task of Training and Placement officer (TPO) campus team will manage the company details, student’s details that are appearing for campus, Attendance of campus, Students Profile management, Build resume of students, download resume as word file, print resume from the system. TPO also will be able to manage the students details who have passed the campus and selected list of students. BEEDU-CONNECT provides various reports for selected students, joined students, not selected students and not joined students. TPO can also manage the student training in the system.

Key features:

– Company profile Management.

– Company Branch Mapping Management.

– Campus Schedule Management and mapping students.

– Resume Management.

– Send Mail to students for campus.

– Track Campus “Selected”, “Joined” Students.

– Students Training Management including “Request”, “Approval”, “Attendance”, “Issuance of Training Letter”.

– Various reports based upon the campus “Selected”, “Joined” , “Selected but not joined”, “Not Selected” students.

Training Management

Training Management modules allows TPO to manage entire life cycle process of student training module.TPO can approve training request, issue training letter to students, and mark training attendance with their completion.

Key features:

– One click, training approval.

– One click, issue training letter.

– Mark training attendance of student on single click.

– Mark training completion status on single click.

Hostel Management

Hostel Management module of BEEDU-CONNECT allows institute to setup hostel for student.(e.g: Boys Hostel, Girls Hostel and Common Hostel). In this module institute can create and manage hostel rooms with their assets. Allot room and services like ceiling fan, A.C, Table, chair, water cooler and many more to the students. Assign hostel warden and warden can take attendance of students in shift wise. Hostel management allows you to monitor complete life cycle of hostel.

Key features:

– Easy to create and manage hostel.

– Easy to create and manage rooms.

– Easy to assign room and assets to the students.

– Easy to assign hostel warden.

– Easy to take shift wise attendance of hostel students.

– Easy to maintain hostel inventory.

Advance Website

BEEDU-CONNECT provides the World class website for the institute which is integrated with instituted portal provided as part of product. Website is highly configurable where administrator with little skills can upload the images and change the content. Website is SEO/ SMM ready, which can help the institute for their online marketing. Admission enquiry is also integrated with the website to familiarize the new parents with the happenings at the institute.

Key features:

– Pleasant customer experience.

– Seamless navigation between the website and login i.e. Login and non login mode.

– Highly configurable.

– SEO/ SMM ready.

Mess/Canteen Management


Extensions & Integrations

Attendance Integrations with RFID


Admission Integration with University/Board portal


Integration with Centralized Accounting System.

BEEDU-CONNECT has very comprehensive highly configurable, flexible fees management system. As an organization entire finance to be managed as part of centralized accounting system (CAS) such as Tally. To avoid duplicate efforts of double data entry in BEEDU-CONNECT and CAS, BEEDU-CONNECT enables robust and seamless interface.

Key features:

– Synchronization of Fees Heads between BEEDU-CONNECT and CAS.

– Pushing of payments collected in BEEDU-CONNECT to CAS.

– Robust reconciliation mechanism.

SMS Integrations

Communication Channel is a core feature of BEEDU-CONNECT through Alters and Notification for the smart phone users but for other registered users who are not using the smart phone, Institutes can opt for has SMS integration facility. SMS can sent to right audience based upon pre-configured activities.

Key features:

– SMS for Fees pending reminders.

– Holiday announcements.

– Schedules change notification.

– Send Homework details to parents.

– Daily update availability.

Email Integration

BEEDU-CONNECT provides email integration with the existing Email Infrastructure of the institute for the various pre configured activities done in the system such as Admission process (Written Exam and Interview date, Admission Confirmation letter), Fees Payment Receipt, various Circulars, Exam Time table etc.

Barcode Integration

BEEDU-CONNECT has various integration points using bar code for many activities/items such as Roll Number on student i-cards, Code on Library books, Asset code on purchased inventory. This helps to avoid remembering of big tracking number.

API Integration & Access

BEEDU-CONNECT has ready to use/ flexible API which can enable robust interface with the other external applications of the institute.


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