This privacy policy is effective from December 30, 2015.

We, BEEDU Services Pvt. Ltd have prioritized our aim to maintain customers’ privacy by collecting minimal information that is very essential for providing the service. If you are continuing to use our services, it is implied that you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions.


  • We do not have the rights to gather information from you unless, it is initiated by you by providing your email for logging or for subscribing to newsletters.
  • The information that are collected will not be shared with any third party entity.
  • The information would be shared only when requested under the name of law to prevent or handle any emergency situation.
  • We have the rights to retain the collected information up to a month from the date of request to delete information. This excludes information that can make you public.

Terms and conditions

Hereon; the term ‘personal info’ refers to any identification data that can be used to recognize a person. Aggregate data will not be taken into account under personal info.

We do not have the rights to collect your personal info unless it is needed to communicate with you or to log you into our server.

Our servers and applications are designed to collect only minimal data. Your IP address, geo-area based info and others will not be collected. Your online activities would not be monitored. We also support that it is customer’s right to choose such preferences and encourage other operators to provide this choice too.  We ask your contact details like email ID for communication purpose only.

Our newsletter and email lists are managed by Mailchimp campaigns. We do not allow third part entities’ tracking in the messages that we send you. We have our own Mailchimp analytics that will help us to find out the number of users opening each link in the message. Our privacy policy is not the same as that of Mailchimp’s policies. Visit their website to learn more about their privacy policies, terms and conditions. If needed, you can unsubscribe the newsletter by clicking the link given in the newsletters. You can also request us to delete the subscription or change the mail ID by sending a mail to


We use non-identifying browser cookies and collect aggregate data for improving your experience and our service. We collect information like browser type, type of OS and links that you click.

We do not sell your personal information or email ID to any third party entities.

We do not receive any form of payment from any third party entities for exchanging your personal information. We also restrict those entities from collecting information from our site using cookies or others.

We share your information only under specific circumstances

In specific circumstances, we might have to share the information that we collected from you for obeying the law. We will share your information to others only to comply with law or only when legally ordered. We would also share the information to enforce our rights with others or to prevent harm to another person, entity or property in an emergency situation. In such cases, we will be sharing minimum information as needed for that situation.

We retain your personal information at most one month upon request for removal.

Upon request on removal of your information from our servers, we would be erasing all your personal info from our servers within 30 days

Changes to the policies

We hold the rights to make inconsequential changes to the policies with or without noticing all. You have to rights to view our terms and conditions from time to time. In case of major changes, the changes would be emailed to those who have subscribed for newsletter and also to those who have submitted request to


You can communicate with us at for any queries or problems related to any of the points mentioned above.