Free school management software

free school management software

Free school management software

Free school software

A that’s still online, so you can use it from anywhere on your tablet, desktop or device. On school grounds, there is no extra setup needed, no need to take care of your backup as well as data protection. Everything you need to do is sign up for, and start using, a free account. A free online school management system for small schools is offered by BeeduConnect. By encouraging organizations to properly educate adolescents, we aim to create a positive change in the world. We not only provide free software for school management but also all the support needed to move from the register & excel paradigm to a cloud-based system.

beeduconnect system provides an easy to use interface with initiative functionalities and controls. The exciting range of features and flexibility for customization is what makes this school software unique and spectacular. This free package of BeeduConnect assures hassle-free school management. Register right away and learn how easy it is to streamline your daily academic activities.

A robust collection of features that allows your teachers to focus more time on the progress and teaching of students, allows parents to be more involved in the education of their children, ensures increased availability of resources for your students, allows your administrative staff to work smarter, and makes it a lot easier for decision-makers to find solutions to problems faster. Simply put, beeduconnect provides you with one dashboard for your school management with everything you need to handle your institution.

features you get with the beeduconnect school management system:- analytical dashboard, online enquiry, online admission, online fees, online exams & results, e-learning, automatic alerts, study leave management, employee management, visitor management, student railway concession, timetable, dairy, newsfeed and logins for students, teachers, librarians and multiple other staff members.

Are you willing to see a school management software demo for your institution?

It is always our pleasure to help you to choose the best school management software for the institution. Give us a chance to demonstrate to you that How BEEDU-CONNECT can help you to manage your institute effortlessly.

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