Eligibility criteria to apply for NBA accreditation? click now

Eligibility criteria to apply for NBA accreditation?

Eligibility criteria to apply for NBA accreditation? click now

Who can apply for NBA  accreditation?

Eligibility criteria to apply for accreditation? your institute can be accredited by the NBA if at least two students have passed out of the programme proposed for accreditation except for the management programmes that require at least three batches should have graduated.

Your institution can be NBA accredited if your institution and the programs run by it are approved by the AICTE (All India Council for technical education).

Eligibility criteria to apply for NBA accreditation?

  • institutional mission, vision and programme educational objectives
  • programme outcome
  • programme curriculum
  • students performance
  • faculty contributions
  • facilities and technical support
  • academic support units and teaching-learning process
  • governance, institutional support and financial resources
  • continuous improvement in the attainment of outcomes

How to apply for NBA accreditation?

To know step by step process of accreditation visit here

NBA accreditation process

let us know the process of getting your programs NBA  accredited. here are the six steps of the accreditation process:

  1. checking readiness for NBA and registering
  2. preparation of self-assessment report (SAR)
  3. Applying for NBA and submission of SAR
  4. NBA team visit and evaluation
  5. submission of the evaluation report and recommendation by EAC
  6. Accreditation decision by an academic advisory committee

let’s take a deep dive into each of the steps to ensure that your institution is ready for its accreditation journey

1. Checking readiness for NBA and registration

make no mistakes NBA is offered to programs and not to institutes. however, before you can register for accreditation via NBA, you need to double-check your readiness through the following parameters:

  • only institutes that fall under the below-mentioned category are eligible for .
  1. hospitality & tourism
  2. computer applications
  3. Architecture, Applied Arts and crafts
  4. pharmacy
  5. engineering & technology
  6. management
  • the programs that you are applying for must be approved by AICTE OR relevant regulatory bodies?
  • for options a to be mentioned in the first parameter, minimum of 2 batches should have passed before the institute can apply for accreditation. for option f I.E management minimum of 3 batches should have passed. does your institute meet these criteria?
  • only full-time courses are considered for accreditation
  • make sure your campus is ready for onsite visits?
  • before applying for postgraduate engineering programs, you must ensure that the corresponding undergraduate programs are also accredited.

so, now that you have checked your readiness, follow these  simple steps:

  1. go to the online NBA  portal, fill the registration form and pay the registration fee.
  2. generate application, fill pre-qualifiers and pay 10% of the accreditation fee
  3. if the program meets requirements, then move to the next step.
  4. if your program doesn’t meet the requirements, you would be informed about the reason and you to follow the previous steps again.

 2. Preparing the Self Assessment Report

A self-assessment report is the most essential document for your NBA accreditation process. it is the step where a lot of mistakes are committed. NBA accepts self-assessment reports that are clear, concise, error-free and with data for every criteria.

each criteria carries a certain weightage which sums up to a total of 1000. now, these weightages vary depending on the type of institution.

self-assessment report should be based on self-introspection and facts and should not be boastful.

3. Applying for NBA and submission of SAR

since you are done preparing your SAR. Now it’s time to submit the said report by following these four steps:

  • Download the SAR and fill in the details in the defined format
  • login to the E-NBA portal and submit the SAR
  • pay 90% of the fee
  • Provide 3 dates for NBAs site visit

4. NBA team visits and evaluates

as part of the next step, the NBA  evaluation team visits the institute to produce an evaluation report. the team is made up of one chairperson and one or two evaluators (depending on the number of programs).

The visit duration is generally for a period of 2 to 3 days. the team is chosen by the NBA. The chairperson is generally from the same program discipline and evaluators are either retired or serving professionals.

The evaluation team is also given adequate training.

The institution is expected to keep about 22 program-specific documents and 17 documents specific to the institution. this document list is available on the NBA website.

once the evaluation team has completed their visit they complete the evaluation report.

5. submission of the evaluation report and recommendation by EAC

The evaluation report created in the last step is then submitted by the evaluators to the evaluation and accreditation (EAC). the moderators then evaluate the report as well as the documents submitted by the institution.

The report of evaluation completed by the moderation team is communicated to the institution to which the institution must respond within ten days.

The report from the evaluation team and the response from the are communicated to the (EAC).

The EAC then provides a recommendation to the academic advisory committee for the last part of the NBA accreditation process.

6. Accreditation decision by Academic advisory committee (AAC)

In the previous step, AAC reviews all the reports as well as the recommendations by the EAC. The AAC then decides on awarding accreditation. based on the committee’s decision, the following are the possible outcomes:

  • accreditation for 6 years
  • accreditation for 3 years
  • no accreditation

should the outcome be unsatisfactory, you can appeal the decision within 30 days of receiving the communication. this appeal is then placed to the appellate committee (AC), giving recommendations to the AAC.

The final decision is in the hands of AAC who upon receiving the recommendations from the Appellate Committee communicates the decision to your institution.

the institution that has received accreditation for a period of 3 years for their programs must submit the compliance report at least 6 months before the expiry of validity for the accreditation.

I agree that the process might seem cumbersome and error-occurring, but if your institution is able to follow the directions provided by the national board of accreditation, you will get the best possible results.

every educational institute must aim for the best possible results for their programs and should put efforts accordingly. getting accredited is not only beneficial for the institution but for the graduating students too.

Benefits and significance of NBA Accreditation

The process of accreditation helps in realizing several benefits, such as:

  • helps the institution to know its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • initiates institutions into innovative and modern methods of pedagogy.
  • gives institutions a new sense of direction and identity.
  • provides society with reliable information on the quality of education offered.
  • promotes Intra and inter-institutional interactions.
  • accreditation signifies different stakeholders these are:

Benefits to institutions

Accreditation is market-driven and has an international focus. it assesses the characteristics of an institution and its programmes against a set of criteria established by the NBA.

NBA’s key objective is to contribute to the significant improvement of the institute involving the accreditation process. accreditation process quantifies the strengths, weaknesses in the processes adopted by the institution and provides directions and opportunities for future growth.

NBA provides a quality label that sets your institution apart from its peers at the national level. this leads to widespread recognition of the brand name of institutions and motivates the colleges and schools to strive for more.

Benefits to students

Students studying in NBA  accredited institutes can be assured that they will receive an education that is a balance between quality education and relevant professional experience and that the needs of the corporate world are well integrated into educational programmes and other activities.

Benefits to the public

accreditated status shows the commitment of the programme and the institution to quality and perpetual improvement.

Policies that are guiding principles for the NBA Accreditation:

  • programs, and not educational institutions, are considered for accreditation.
  • programs to be accredited should be offered by an educational institution that has been formally approved as an educational institution by the concerned regulatory authority.
  • programs from which at least 2 batches of students have graduated will be considered for accreditation.
  • programs will be considered for assessment and accreditation only at the written request of the educational institution after agreeing to abide by the NBA’S accreditation manual, rules, regulations and notification issued from time to time.

NBA’s Accreditation Serves to notify

  • It helps parents and prospective students to know that a program has met minimum standards.
  • faculty, principal and administrators of a program’s strengths and weaknesses and of ways to improve the programme.
  • employers that graduates are prepared to begin professional practice.
  • The public that graduates are aware of societal consideration. 

While seeking foreign admissions in engineering streams, NBA or relevant UG program is far more enabling than NAAC accreditation.

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