College management system Wikipedia

college management system wikipedia

College management system Wikipedia

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College system Wikipedia College ERP platform or college management system is a web-based ERP software application that allows pupils, instructors, parents and school administrative personnel to utilize school details in a more coordinated and standardized way to effectively streamline and handle student information together with automating procedures for the stakeholders.

BeeduConnect is a method of college management that helps universities and higher education to handle the institution’s registration, enrollment, staff, teachers, participation, tuition, scheduling, tasks, grades and library. Automated reports on all facets of data-driven decision-making are made.

The basic features in The are:

  1. Notes Availability: In this section, faculties can upload notes so that students can download notes at their own Convenient time.
  2. Student management: In this module, students can upload assignments from anywhere at any time.
  3. Teachers-Subject Allocation: In addition to the feature where a supervisor can allocate subjects to the teachers, there is a provision where teacher/ faculty themselves can raise a request for the subject of their preference. The supervisor can approve or reject such requests.
  4. sales management: BEEDU-CONNECT has comprehensive Sales Distribution management functionality where the admin has the facility to maintain sales items with stock and the price. The name of the student and the date of distribution can be recorded in the system.
  5. live classes: This module is a boon in this pandemic as colleges were closed down to prevent the spread of the virus.
  6. document management: Want to manage your department related documents in a secure place? BEEDU-CONNECT allows the institute’s department to manage their important documents to our secure storage.

USP of beeduconnect college ERP system:-

BeeduConnect is a specialist in content marketing that faces more than its fair share of challenges; strategic planning, conceptualization, development of content, optimization, delivery, and success evaluation both take time and require additional resources.

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