College management system price

College management system price

College management system price

From a centralized, single forum, BeeduConnect lets educational organizations cater to all their changing needs. This tool has been built to help the university achieve improved student grades, sharper administrator perspectives, and an enriched faculty teaching experience. The best eLearning solution with advanced functionality and modules for your education, such as; Online Lessons, Assignments, Documented Lectures (Video, Audio, PDF, Word, PPT, etc). Made Simple Technology is one of Delhi’s leading software firms, providing high-quality and groundbreaking billing software, inventory software, ERP, HRM, travel software, transport software, price

Tools, CRM, Make Simple Technologies have a long and established record with a range of good performances with different estimates. We are one of the strongest suppliers of tools with college management.

BEEDU-CONNECT is a distributed system with different roles & responsibilities. It is consist of different portals, the main portals available are Administrator, Office Admin, Principal, Management, Teachers, Accountants, Librarians, Training & placement officer, Parent/Student and many more. Each user of BEEDU-CONNECT can log in to their respective portals to avail the facilities available to them. Each portal in BEEDU-CONNECT school management software contains different modules to manage different aspects of an educational institute.

beeduconnect is your one-stop solution for all your institute management problems. & also it has separate school erp modules for Each stakeholder.

  1. School owner can view detailed reports and parents metrics, student attendance and teachers performance reports and streamline the student admission process.
  2. Teachers can schedule online lectures, conduct online exams, record student attendance, create reports and manage school events.
  3. parents can supervise their wards performance, attendance reports which in turn allows parents to encourage their children’s to participate in the extra curriculum activities as parents are completely aware of the child academic calendar.
  4. students are able to do doubt resolution with teachers, school erp system provides flexible online and offline lectures, with 50+ modules students get the advantage of refined to learn.

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It is always our pleasure to help you to choose the best school management software for the institution. Give us a chance to demonstrate to you that How BEEDU-CONNECT can help you to manage your institute effortlessly.
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