College management system php

college management system php

College management system php

College PHP

The BeeduConnect College Management System PHP developed is an online-based web interface aimed at delivering knowledge to the college at all stages of the system. It is important to use this framework as a college knowledge management system.

The Administrator produces username and password for a specified registrar/teacher/student (Technical / Non-technical) using these registrar/staff/student (Technical / Non-technical) to enter the device to either upload or retrieve some details from the database.

For client-side validation, the front-end would be HTML pages with Java Script whereas all business logics would live at the middle layer of PHP. All these levels are going to communicate with the third database layer, which is going to be the MySql database. The server on the site would be Apache. A server with Apache as a web server, MySql as a database and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP) as a development environment is necessary to begin working on this project environment.

College Management System Software helps college officials to streamline the process of education and efficiently control students and create a cohesive atmosphere where teaching and learning will flourish.

This project involves processes such as the Module of Students, Module of Instructors, Module of Faculties, Module of Topics, and Module of Score where all student results are accessible, Module of Article Posting and Module of Place. In this College Management Framework, we can quickly recognise the specifics of everyone and everything.

Modules of college management system

students module

Teachers module

Admin module

Faculties module

and other 46 modules too.

A brief overview of the technology:

Front End: HTML, css, javascript, java, bootstrap.

Back end: PHP, MySQL

The main objective of the PHP is not only to build a computerised college management system so that all the college’s functionality is automated but also to provide the college’s top management with all the information on any aspect relevant to the college with a fully functional report. PHP College Management System is developed by a highly professionalised team and thus has many added features, such as each section has its own database, students have access to login via the panel of students and many more. The goal of the scheme is to provide the best way to handle the different forms of the college management system.

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