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Are you looking for best to manage your college effectively and efficiently with no efforts? Then, you are landed at right place. BEEDU-CONNECT College ERP is the right solution for you to resolve the major difficulties for college management like efficient utilization of resources, connectivity between departments, complete workflow based automation, handling of revenue leakage and communication between college and students/Parents.

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BEEDU-CONNECT College ERP and college has everything whatever you need to run your institute’s day-to-day activities smoothly and efficiently.

Our domain expertise and devotion towards education segment motivated us to design simple and compact system which resulted in user friendly and easy to adopt. BEEDU-CONNECT drives college towards close engagement amongst students, teachers and parents. BEEDU-CONNECT has incorporated majorly all features supporting with 50 + modules which required for swift and automated work flow by an Institution from functional and processes aspect.

Enriched Features

Our 200+ functionalities & 50+ modules empowers you to run your day-to-day activities efficiently to bench mark you as a leader.

Management Centralization

BEEDU-CONNECT helps administration management with analytical data to manage any institute and making them quantative to take appropriate decisions.

Collaborative Management

BEEDU-CONNECT has holistic collaborative platform. Holistic view to parents, students, teachers, department heads, administrators & management.

School Mobile App

Responsive & Compatible

Developed in latest technologies, makes it responsive in all type of devices & compatible to each and every standard browsers including mobiles.

Reliable & Secure

BEEDU-CONNECT is more concerned about security of your data. It is handling all security constraints to keep institute's sensitive information secure.

Dedicated Support

We understands the requirement of support for any institute and our team of experts is equipped and available 24/7 to render resolutions on arise issues.

BEEDU Services Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to serve you a solution to meet practical challenges of college. BEEDU-CONNECT college management software provides parallel and comprehensive solution with features like management, students, faculties, parents, accounts, accreditation, inventory, stock and more which each college requires.

Advance Dashboard

Analytical dashboard, graphs, charts with complete insight. Along with advance system usage report

Student MIS

Advance student profile with easy information system, facility to generate I-cards, standard profile

Staff Management

Advance Staff MIS with complete profile, I-Cards and Attendance with/without RFID

Online Enquiry & Admission

Complete admission process, integrated enquiry system with online prospectus fees payment option

Fees & Fine Management

Advance & highly configurable fees system with online payment gateway and Tally integration options

Academic Timetable

Atomated clashing free class timetable, resource sharing with online teacher-subject allocation module

Attendance Management

Advance & simple to handle complex attendance system with mobile app, RFID integration for composite reports

Student's Leave Management

Online leave application with workflows to be managed by teacher, principal with forwarding feature

Online Daily Diary

Online two way dairy with feature to share information, notices, circulars, homeworks and complaints instantly

Academic Calendar & News

Plan your academic year for education group to class level with feature to publish news feed for the same

Online Vehicle Tracking

Advance & easy interface for parents to track buses with options of mobile app and GPS device

Live Class Streaming

Connect parents to the class directly through class camera seemlessly integrated with class timetable

Advance Examination

Complete exam lifecycle with dashboards, tracking reports, grade cards and more than any other exam modules

Purchase & Inventory

Complete purchase lifecycle with requisition, intend, quotation, comparision, purchase order with advance inventory

Morden Library

Advance and complete library system with thousands of features to adopt by any librarian

Online Teacher's Feedback

Allow students to rate their teachers subject wise with custom evaluation points, along with adnavce summary reports

Student's Feedback

Rating of a student by different teachers on their respective subjects with remarks gives real picture to parents

Online Notes/Assignment

Share notes and assignments online in any format to any set of students of your choice at any point of time

Teacher's Additional Task

Assign, track and complete tasks in addition to academics to teachers with advance load shedding facility

Student's House Management

Online house management with online rating board along with events, score and team information

Online Teaching Plan

Plan your tentative academic teaching plan with completion option along with advance tracking dashboards

Internal Ticketing System

Approachable Internal Ticketing System with auto management escalation facility to any department

Alert & Notification

Automated echo system, manual alerts with attachments and advance reminder system for immediate actions

Online Document Management

Manage important documents at trustworthy platform in unlimited sub-folders structure with secure access rights

Complaints & Feedbacks

Easily accessible institute complaints & feedbacks by students, parents and staff, directly to management personals

Circular & Certificate

Auto fetched pre-defined certificates in bulk along with issue history. Institute's Circulars with approval workflows

Campus & Training

Complete campus selection life cycle with advanced resume builder. Training lifecycle with certificate uploading feature.

Internal Committee

Create, manage and track internal committees at institute to group level with advance tracking dashboards

Student's Railway Concession

Facility to students to apply season ticket concession with auto history fetching along with all approval workflows and reports

Internal Sales/Distribution

Allow you to sale, distribute any items to students with fees integration with complete tracking and insight

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